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Curriculum Vitæ

Born: Madison, WI, 1979.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Selected Exhibitions: Solo, Two Person & Collaborative

  • Endless Song (with Rebecca Bruno & Rafaela Lopez), FLAX @ Tin Flats, Los Angeles, CA
  • Repose, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
  • Distance In/Formation (with Johanna Breiding, Rebecca Bruno & Wilfried Souly), Pitzer College Art Galleries, Claremont, CA
  • Scalar Fields, VOLUME, Los Angeles, CA
  • Scalar Field, Dancity Festival, Auditorium Santa Caterina, Foligno, IT
  • Sky-lit: Volume, Light, and Sound, The Broad, Los Angeles, CA
  • After.Image, Commonwealth & Council, Los Angeles, CA
  • Blue.Hour, CODE 2014, Church of Santa Chiara, Città Sant’Angelo, IT
  • Doppler.Shift, Commonwealth & Council, Los Angeles, CA
  • Blue.Hour, Jack Straw New Media Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • 3 Surfaces, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA
  • Drift/Net, 323 Projects, Los Angeles, CA
  • Stillness, SoundFjord, London, UK
  • Untitled Landscape (with Robert Crouch), Pøst, Los Angeles, CA
  • In Residence 6, Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, CA
  • Stage, Burien Art Gallery, Burien, WA
  • Relocation, Lawrimore Project, Seattle, WA
  • +ROOM-ROOM (with Jamie Drouin), The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • Our Nature (with Gretchen Bennett), Soil Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

Selected Exhibitions: Group, Diffusions & Screenings

  • Face The Music Dance Festival (with Rebecca Bruno), Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA, Screening
  • 901 Editions / Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound?, The Standard, Milan, IT, Diffusion
  • son/mage 003: Dragon’s Eye Recordings by Yann Novak, space_inframince, Osaka, JP, Group
  • The Future Eve, Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA, Group
  • Desert X: Driftworks, Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, CA, Diffusion
  • We are inseparable there is no time (sound for Rebecca Bruno), Honor Fraser, Los Angeles, CA, Diffusion
  • Share Festival XI° Edition, Casa Jasmina, Torino, Italy, Group
  • WITH/IN, Kallick Gallery, Pitzer College, Claremont, CA, Group
  • Tad Beck + taisha paggett + Yann Novak, VOLUME, Los Angeles, CA, Group
  • The Glass System (sound for Allison Leigh Holt), North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks, ND, Diffusion
  • Sonospace: An Exploration of Sound, Acud Macht Neu, Berlin, DE, Screening
  • Escuchas: Una selección de arte sonoro actual, Modern Art Museum of Medellín, Medellín, ES, Diffusion
  • The Silent Parade, Susanne Vielmetter LA Projects, Los Angeles, CA, Diffusion
  • The Recorder Was Left On, Or the Closer I Get To The End The More I Rewrite The Beginning, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA, Group
  • Senses of Place, LOOP Festival, Reial Cercle Artístic, Barcelona, ES, Screening
  • A LINE Listening Experience, Call & Response, London, UK, Diffusion
  • HomeLA: San Marino, Private Residence, San Marino, CA, Screening
  • TEMPERAMENTAL (with Taisha Paggett), Doris McCarthy Gallery, Toronto, CA, Group
  • Transposition (Teaser), Taliesin Downtown Studio, Spring Green, WI, Group
  • Les Soirees Dessinees, Galerie AREA, Paris, France, Diffusion
  • Art House #7, Art House, Pacific Palisades, CA, Group
  • NOISE & whispers, GV Art Gallery, London, UK, Group
  • A Strong Hand That Nonetheless Gets You Nowhere, Kunsthalle Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY, Group
  • Threshold, Studio Sereno, Los Angeles, CA, Group
  • JS 50, Jack Straw New Media Gallery, Seattle, WA, Screening
  • Maybe it’s the light that has to change and not much else, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, NY, Group
  • Between Visual and Spatial, Gift_Lab, Tokyo, JP, Group
  • Render – New Construction in Video Art (with Robert Crouch), California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA, Group
  • Being Honeyed – An exhibition of Sound(in)Art, SOMA Contemporary, Waterford City, IE, Group
  • The More Things Change (sound for Alex Schweder), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA, Group
  • Soundfjord is 1, Soundfjord, London, UK, Screening
  • Re/Flux, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK, Diffusion
  • Exquisite Corpse, Soundfjord, London, UK, Group
  • Dragonfly Festival, Bronze Age Settlement, Falköping, Sweden, Diffusion
  • Secret Axis, File Hipersonica, Sesi Paulista’s Cultural Space, São Paulo, Brazil, Diffusion
  • Secret Axis, AVLab, MediaLab-Prado, Madrid, Spain, Diffusion
  • London International Festival of Exploratory Music, Kings Place, London, UK, Screening
  • Sensate: Bodies and Design (sound for Alex Schweder),San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA, Group
  • Cell Everything, Vermillion Gallery, Seattle, WA, Group
  • Doodle-ee De, The Helm Gallery, Tacoma, WA, Group
  • 12 Minutes Max, On the Boards, Seattle, WA, Screening
  • Art is Not Mute, Hit Art Space, Gothenburg, Sweden, Diffusion
  • Environmental Aesthetics, OKOK Gallery, Seattle, WA, Diffusion
  • Art is Not Mute, Ersta Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden, Diffusion
  • The East River Project (with Gretchen Bennett), Soundwalk2007, Long Beach, CA, Diffusion
  • A Sac of Rooms Three Times A Day (sound for Alex Schweder), Suyama Space, Seattle, WA, Diffusion
  • The East River Project (with Gretchen Bennett), International District, Seattle, WA, Diffusion
  • Sick Building Sequence (sound for Alex Schweder), Howard House, Seattle, WA, Diffusion
  • Aqua Art Sound Broadcast, Aqua Hotel, Miami, FL, Diffusion
  • Techgenosis, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA, Diffusion

Selected Performances: Solo & Collaborative

  • Perpetual Drone, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA — Scheduled
  • Desert Daze, Moreno Beach, Lake Perris, CA
  • Elevation Through Sound, Dublab, Los Angeles, CA
  • Coaxial Arts, Los Angeles, CA
  • Dancing, Thinking Loving, Listening, Dublab, Los Angeles, CA
  • Etc. Radio, WNUR-FM 89.3, Evanston, IL
  • The Book & Record Bar (DJ Set), London, UK
  • Iklectik, London, UK
  • De Ruimte, Amsterdam, NL
  • AB Salon/Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, BE
  • Spektrum, Berlin, DE
  • Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE
  • Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
  • Contact Wave, Dublab, Los Angeles, CA
  • This is How it Ends, Coaxial, Los Angeles, CA
  • Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
  • Soundpedro, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA
  • Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mountain, Fire, Holding Still. (with Taisha Paggett), The Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades, CA
  • SPECTRUM (with Robert Crouch), Monkey Town, Los Angeles, CA
  • Surroundings, Soundwave Biennial 7: Architecture, de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA
  • Unfinished (video for Rebecca Bruno), Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA
  • mas gestos y mas caras (for Rafa Esparza, with Robert Crouch), Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
  • We Love Our Parents, We Fear Snakes (with  Johanna Breiding & Marbles Jumbo Radio), HomeLA: Victoria Park, Los Angeles, CA
  • LAND AND SEA, Oakland, CA
  • Leaven Community Centre, Portland, OR
  • Chapel Performance Space, Seattle, WA
  • Audiodrome 2, Shambhala Studio, Los Angeles, CA
  • We Love Our Parents, We Fear Snakes (with  Johanna Breiding & Marbles Jumbo Radio), Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA
  • Endlessness (with Rebecca Bruno), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA
  • Idleness, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA
  • Touch Presents, Elephant, Los Angeles, CA
  • Prelude, HomeLA: San Marino, San Marino, CA
  • Repose, AxS Festival 2014, Sphæræ, Pasadena, CA
  • What A Man Does That He Has, Taliesin, Spring Green, WI
  • We can’t take it all with us (with Rafa Esparza), Vincent Price Art Museum, Monterey Park, CA
  • Snowfall, KCHUNG 1630AM, Los Angeles, CA
  • Re:Sound II, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
  • Snowfall, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
  • Private Time: 4 Episodes, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA
  • The Quick and The Dead, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
  • Fata Morgana (with Robert Crouch), Ear Meal on LA Art Stream, Los Angeles, CA
  • Re:Sound, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
  • SIX, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
  • The City as Allegory: Three Artists from Los Angeles, Chapel Performance Space, Seattle, WA
  • A Composite Field (with Taisha Paggett), MAK Center Mackey Garage Top, Los Angeles, CA
  • Untitled (remodel) (with Simon Whetham), Spirit Resurrection, Machine Project, Los Angeles, CA
  • Fata Morgana (with Robert Crouch), AxS Festival, Wind Tunnel Gallery, Pasadena, CA
  • The Stone, New York, NY
  • Forward Festival, Letelier Theater, Washington, DC
  • Presence, The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • immerson, Oboro, Montreal, QC
  • Music for Restaurants (with Robert Crouch & Sublamp), Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
  • immersound, The Others, London, UK
  • Presence, Torrence Art Museum, Torrence, CA
  • CTRL+ALT+REPEAT, Synchronicity Space, Los Angeles, CA
  • Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA
  • ResBox, Steve Allen Theater, Los Angeles, CA
  • Pehrspace (with Will Long), Los Angeles, CA
  • Resonant Forms Festival, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA
  • The Breeze Blowing Over Us, Fiske Planetarium, Boulder, CO
  • +ROOM-ROOM (with Jamie Drouin), The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • Soundwalk2008, The Dome Room, Long Beach, CA
  • Chapel Performance Space, Seattle, WA
  • In Residence, The Triple Door, Seattle, WA
  • In Residence, Chapel Performance Space, Seattle, WA
  • Decibel Festival, The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • Yann Novak Showcases Dragon’s Eye Recordings (DJ Set), The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • Chapel Performance Space (with Marc Manning), Seattle, WA
  • Kasini House, Burlington, VT
  • Festival of Wayward Music: The Marathon, Chapel Performance Space, Seattle, WA
  • Auditorium (with Jamie Drouin), Mutek, Society for Art and Technology, Montreal, QC
  • Auditorium (with Jamie Drouin), Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA
  • Sonarchy Radio Show, KEXP 90.3FM, Seattle, WA
  • Wall of Sound, Seattle, WA
  • Homo Electric, Legends, Manchester, UK
  • Beyond Territory, The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • Auditorium (with Jamie Drouin), The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • The East River Project (with Gretchen Bennett), Erich Ginder Studio, Seattle, WA
  • Decibel Festival, Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle, WA
  • Blim, Vancouver, BC
  • Ong Ong Release Party, Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA

Scores for Dance


Procession Relic (for Rebecca Bruno), LAX Festival 2018, Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA


A Configuration Reconstituting Itself (for Rebecca Bruno), Bayfront/E Street Station, Chula Vista, CA

  • WAIL (for Rebecca Bruno), Live Arts Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
  • Open Circuit (for Crispin Spaeth & Kathryn Padberg), Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA
  • A right-angled object who lost her faith in being upright (for Taisha Paggett), Danspace Project, New York, NY
  • Dark Room Trio (for Crispin Spaeth), Western Bridge, Seattle, WA
  • Wild Darling (for Crispin Spaeth), Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA
  • Ten Tiny Dances (for Crispin Spaeth), Capitol Hill Art Center, Seattle, WA
  • Play Viewed from a Distance (for CSDG), The Empty Space Theater, Seattle, WA
  • Dark Room (for CSDG), TBA Festival, Portland, OR
  • Dark Room (for CSDG), Western Bridge, Seattle, WA
  • Up Close (for CSDG), Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA
  • Fade Dis/Appearances (for CSDG), Consolidated Works, Seattle, WA
  • Watch us Work (for CSDG), Consolidated Works, Seattle, WA

Curatorial Projects

  • Touch Presents (with Mike Harding), Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA, Performance
  • Repose Closing: Rebecca Bruno, Sarah Rara, & Geneva Skeen, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA, Performance
  • VOLUME, Los Angeles, CA, Curitorial Collective
  • Threshold, Studio Sereno, Los Angeles, CA, Exhibition
  • Sublimation (with Helen Frosi and France Jobin), Oboro, Montreal, QC, Exhibition
  • Cotton, Chapel Performance Space, Seattle, WA, Performance
  • Paper, Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA, Performance
  • Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Seattle, WA – Los Angeles, CA, Record Label

Residencies & Grants


EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm, SE

  • The Mountain School of Arts, Los Angeles, CA
  • Touch Mentorship Programme, Touch, London, UK
  • Taliesin Artist Residency, Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Spring Green, WI
  • Jack Straw New Media Gallery Residency, Jack Straw Productions, Seattle, WA
  • ARC Grant, The Durfee Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
  • Jentel Artist Residency (Nominated by Beth Sellers), Banner, WY
  • Grant for Artist Projects, Artist Trust, Seattle, WA
  • Espy Foundation Residency, Oysterville, WA
  • Environmental Aesthetics Residency, Satsop Cooling Tower, Elma, WA
  • Kasini House Studio A Residency, Burlington, VT

Speaking Engagements & Teaching


The Future is a Forward Escape into the Past, Royal College of Art, London, UK, Soundseminar

  • Atlas Place: Living Sound in Los Angeles, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA, Panel
  • California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA, Guest Lecture
  • Connecting Spaces, Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Spring Green, WI, Artist Talk
  • Praxis | Practice | Modulation, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR, Panel
  • Jack Straw New Media Gallery, Seattle, WA, Artist Talk
  • Gift_Lab, Tokyo, JP, Artist Talk
  • ByteMaps, Culver Center of the Arts, Riverside, CA, Panel
  • Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA, Artist Talk
  • Sheridan College, Sheridan, WY, Artist Talk
  • Art Center, Pasadena, CA, Visiting Faculty
  • Art Klatch, Seattle, WA, Artist Talk
  • Optical, Decibel Festival, The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA, Panel
  • Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA, Guest Lecture
  • The Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle, WA, Guest Lecture

Selected Recordings: Solo, Split & Collaborative

  • Performances of Masculinity, Champion Version (UK), 7″ Lathe Cut
  • The Future is a Forward Escape into the Past, Touch (UK), CD
  • Surroundings, LINE (US), Digital
  • Ornamentation, Touch (UK), CD
  • We Love Our Parents, We Fear Snakes, Yann Novak Studio (US), Digital
  • Idleness, Endlessness, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), Digital
  • Prelude, Éter (CO), 3″ CD-R
  • Liminality (with Fabio Perletta), Farmacia901 (IT), Digital
  • Repose, Touch Radio (UK), Digital
  • Snowfall, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), CD
  • Undefined (with Richard Chartier), Farmacia901 (IT), CD
  • Blue.Hour, Farmacia901 (IT), CD
  • Paradise & Winchester, Unfathomless (BE), CD
  • Hollow.River, Taâlem (FR), 3″ CD-R
  • Fata Morgana (with Robert Crouch), Murmur Records (JP), CD
  • 3 Surfaces, Reductive (ES), 3″ CD-R
  • Presence, Hibernate (UK), CD
  • Two Segments (with Mise_En_Scene), White.Line Editions (UK), CD-R
  • Relocation.Reconstruction, LINE (US), CD
  • Some Clouds (with Marc Manning), Koyuki (IT), CD-R
  • +ROOM-ROOM (with Jamie Drouin), The Henry Art Gallery (US), CD
  • The Breeze Blowing Over Us, Infrequency Editions (CA), CD-R
  • Auditorium Mutek (with Jamie Drouin), Infrequency Editions (CA), CD-R
  • In Residence, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), CD-R
  • Pairings (with Marc Manning), Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), CD
  • Intermission, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), CD-R
  • Auditorium (with Jamie Drouin), Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), CD
  • Meadowsweet, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), CD-R
  • Ong Ong Field Recordings Vol. 1, Ong Ong Press (US), CD-R

Selected Recordings: Compilations, Scores & Remixes


“Live at Human Resources” on Live at Human Resources, Touch (UK), Digital

  • “Coming On” on Homework – Year 2, Taâlem (FR), Digital
  • “Ride it Out” on Steel, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), Digital
  • “WAIL” on Perpetual Dawn – Year One, Tigerbeat6 (US), CD
  • ‘2 Oscillators’ (with Robert Crouch) on A Simple Procedure, Estuary Ltd. (US), 2 x CD
  • “About To Begin” on Elements Three (火), Home Normal (JP), CD
  • “Quan.tum” on Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound?, Farmacia901 (IT), Digital
  • “35″ on Earthtones Vol.2, Tessellate Recordings (UK), Digital
  • “here is something… that is nothing  (Yann Novak + Robert Crouch rework)” on Please Pick Up, IO Sound (CA), CD
  • “Snowfall (excerpt)” on The Wire Tapper 33, The Wire (UK), CD
  • “Amphi.Extract” on Aquarius, Dronarivm (RU), CD
  • “Silent.Loop.001” on Drone-Mind // Mind-Drone Vol.2, Drone Records (DE), LP
  • “Snowflake.Hard.001” & “Snowflake.Hard.002” on SIGNALVOID, Signalvoid (UK), Memory Stick
  • “Vestiges” on Leftovers (Reworked), Crónica (PT), Digital
  • “Light” on Meditations on Light, Monochrome Vision (RU), 2 x CD
  • “3 Surfaces Excerpt” on Kanshin, Fluid Audio/Hibernate (UK), 2 x CD
  • “Ventilation B3” on Igloo Trax Vol.2 :: The Most Music, Igloo Magazine (US), Digital
  • “Untitled Landscape” (with Robert Crouch) on The Wire Tapper 24, The Wire (UK) / CD
  • “Santa Fe” (with Robert Crouch) on Untitled 10 (The Black Album), Untitled & After (US) / Digital
  • “Shortwaves to Longwaves” on Flowers, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), Digital
  • “Stable” on Variations in White Pt. 2, White.Line Editions (UK), CD-R
  • “+ROOM (condensed)” on Vague Terrain 15: Microsound: Smooth Spaces, Vague Terrain, Digital
  • “Life, Truth and Light Remix” on Reassembled, Tokyo Idaho Records (US), CD
  • “Time Forgot” on Au Clair de la Lune, Infrequency Editions (CA), 2 x CD
  • “Autumn” on Mandorla Autumn Net-Project Vol.III Part 2, Mandorla (MX), Digital
  • “The Miller Garden Revisited” on Our Lost Summer, Dulcett Records, 2 x CD
  • “Studio Window” on Leather, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), Digital
  • “Lullaby” + “Feeling Alone All Together” on Cotton, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), CD
  • “Snow:Storm” on Snow: Field + RMX, Infrequency (CA), CD
  • “Basilica di S. Maria Aracoeli” on Paper, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), CD-R
  • Dark Room, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), 3″CD-R
  • Up Close, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), 3″CD-R
  • “piano.study.001” + “piano.study.003” on Family Affair, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), CD-R
  • Fade Dis/Appearances, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), CD-R
  • “An End and a Beginning” on P.D.S.T.W.E. Too,  Comfort Stand Records (US), CD



The Future Eve, VOLUME / The Fellows of Contemporary Art (US), Catalog

  • Las Cienegas 06.18.2009 -12.17.2011, Nothing Moments Press (US), Book
  • The Parkfield Review #3: 2012 – 2013, Insert Blanc Press (US), Book + CD
  • Encyclopaedia of Industrial Music vol. III, Impulsy Stetoskopu (PL), Book + CD
  • Space, Time, Performance, Creative Cowboy Films (AU), DVD
  • Relocation.Catalog, smlEditions (US), Book + CD-R

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Collections & Archives

  • California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA.
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA.
  • Sonm: Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art, Murcia, ES.
  • Sound Art Museum: Permanent Collection and Traveling Archive, Rome, IT.
  • Soundfjord: Contemporary Sound Art Archive, London, UK.
  • Western Bridge, Seattle, WA.
  • Private collections.