CD, 2013
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Dronarivm achieves a new orbit. The Aquarius project is a whole constellation of emblematic names. Specially for this conceptual compilation iconic figures of the ambient scene from 10 countries of the world recorded 15 exclusive tracks. Gradual submersion into the cosmic ocean turns into a meditative diving in the subconsciousness, deep-water exploration of the internal Universe. Unsteady acoustic space changes every moment its unstable shape, but in this state of zero gravity one feels completely at ease. Every musician’s style is inimitable in its individuality and readily recognizable, but all tracks have one general concept, and every track takes its niche in a well thought-out composition of the album.

Compiled by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq).
Mastering by Jason Corder.
Designed by E. Plushbeareat.

Track Listing
  1. Federico Durand – Una visión entre los árboles del bosque
  2. The Green Kingdom – Pineloops3
  3. Pjusk – Skarlagen
  4. Melodium – Pistoruis (offthesky drone mix)
  5. Simon Whetham – For A Short Moment, Our Love Was Strong
  6. Loscil – Hemlock
  7. Marsen Jules – A Room Full Of History
  8. Fabio Orsi – Treffen am Café Chagall
  9. Pillowdiver – Selcted Ambient Fails
  10. Machinefabriek – Schreef
  11. Hakobune + Hiroki Sasajima – Taiga
  12. Francisco López – Untitled#288
  13. Pleq + Mathieu Ruhlmann – Metrics #1
  14. Yann Novak – Amphi.Extract
  15. Segun – Far Away (Digital Bonus Track)