Cotton Dragon’s Eye Second Anniversary

CD, 2007
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The Cotton compilation and showcase mark the second anniversary of Dragon’s Eye Recordings’ continued examination of the intersection between minimalist electronics and unique textures and drones. Cotton represents a mix of current artists, new collaborations between them, and some new additions to the family. All of the tracks on this compilation are previously unreleased and consist of some originals for this compilations, while others are teasers for future Dragon’s Eye releases in the coming year. Cotton comes packaged in a slim clear DVD case to further showcase the photography of Steven Miller.

Track Listing
  1. Tadahito Ichinoseki + Tomoyoshi Date – Gensho no tabi
  2. Yann Novak – Lullaby
  3. Kamran Sadeghi – Untitled (kha series)
  4. Corey Fuller – Light along the edge of water
  5. Manning / Novak – Feeling alone all together
  6. Tomoyoshi Date + Corey Fuller – Midnight sanctuary
  7. Jamie Drouin – Dresden
  8. Son of Rose – Grand treatments
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