Earthtones Volume 2

Digital, 2014

––Our next release on Tessellate sees the return of our on-going compilation series Earthtones. The second installment will be a similarly gargantuan 2 hour collection of tracks that cross sections the modern Ambient music scene. Earthtones Volume 2 builds our roster of far-flung international artists further with contributors from Scandinavia, Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

The Earthtones series spans the internet-based contemporary ambient music scene, with a concept that helps us concentrate more on the geography that lies between each artist. In making worldwide communication easier, the internet has made it easy to forget the sheer size of our planet.

As with last time, each track feature a bonus image of the artists’ local surroundings as a sort of post card to you, the listener. Some are of local landscapes, others are personal places of interest to the respective artist. When you download the album, these images will show with the tracks when you listen to them on your laptop or mp3 player and as the tracks change, you’ll transport across the globe and back again. As the series grows, the sheer enormity of this world will be ever more apparent – all too often forgotten thanks to internet collaboration.

Track Listing
  1. Paper Relics – Flood Lines
  2. Julian Demoulin – Minute Papillon
  3. Grzegorz Bojanek and Lights Dim – Small Music Huge People
  4. Western Skies Motel – Strings
  5. Darwin Raymond – Hollow
  6. Strom Noir – Daleko
  7. The Green Kingdom – Blessings
  8. The Sly and Unseen – Grace Is Still A Secret
  9. McGuffin Electric – Pithos 1-2
  10. Darren Harper – Wine and Warmth; Icy Wind
  11. Rezo Glonti – Riders
  12. Olan Mill – Body Cycle 3
  13. Stay In Space – Through The Looking Glass Of The Car Window
  14. Darren McClure – Blue-Grey
  15. Specta Ciera – Frozen Phase
  16. Porya Hatami – VariWhite
  17. Yann Novak – 35
  18. La Petite Vague – Phaéthon
  19. Tsone – Faith In Things Unseen
  20. Twincities – Wait Bloom
  21. Deep Into Perspectives – Thecoldmist
  22. Michael Trommer – Turning Channel
  23. Tobias Hellkvist – Starfire
  24. Ben Fleury-Steiner – Ultraviolet Light Brigade
  25. Inicolabug – Holographic Interface