Elements Three (火)

CD, 2014

On the 21st of March 2014 we will be celebrating 5 years of Home Normal. It has been an incredible journey to get this far and we never could have reached it without the kind support of talented artists and all the wonderful people who have ever bought one of our releases or attended one of our shows.

In this modern digital age with its constant stream of information, we’ve sought to work as quietly as possible, firmly rooting our ethos that things can be released in a subtle, quiet way. ‘Organic’ has always been the key word, and we are so thankful that people seem to still appreciate the natural path we’ve chosen, ignoring all the noise that surrounds our chosen way.

To celebrate this great landmark for us, we will be releasing our 5th year compilation ‘Elements’. With over 60 artists from our past, present and future involved, this five disc compilation will be raising money for 5 different charities which are close to our hearts. All profits from Elements Three (火) will be donated to ecoACTIVE which is an innovative environmental education charity with a reputation for using hands-on, practical and fun approaches to explore complex issues of sustainability.

Track Listing
  1. From the Mouth of the Sun – Landfall
  2. Segue – Prairie Night
  3. Polar M – Faraway Blue
  4. Yann Novak – About To Begin
  5. Hannu Karjalainen – The Wind Has Carried Us Both To The Same Acknowledgement
  6. Ten and Tracer – Molossom
  7. Taishi Kamiya – Moving Phase
  8. Quinn Walker – Reify
  9. Matteo Uggeri (with Enrico Coniglio and Gaia Margutti) – Family Man
  10. Part Timer – Not Gone Yet
  11. Marsen Jules – Ain’t No Moonshine
  12. Cookson – Michael
  13. Spheruleus – A Wooden Sketch
  14. Chronovalve – In Silence
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