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Igloo Trax Vol. 2, 2010

— Digital

Igloo Magazine’s mission from day one was to introduce readers to the burgeoning undergrowth of electronic music spanning the globe. Pulling together a vast tapestry of like minded contributors, the virtual igloo doors opened December 2000. The goal was (and still is) to provide coverage from the most obscure to the relevantly well known musicians creating left-of-center music not necissaraly covered in general music media.

Armed with a handful of literary musical masterminds, Igloo magazine has published articles in the capacity of reviews, features and profiles for musicians and imprints that wouldn’t normally receive the the light of digital ink. Striving at the delivery of well executed coverage, Igloo magazine continues to promote the best in many electronic genre’s from one spectrum to the next.

Igloo Trax Volume 2 ‘The Most Music’ can be described as a viv cross-section through a multitude of sub-genre’s from experimental dub to cosmic drone, minimal techno-breaks to subdued electro, dub noise to organic electronics and downbeat mechanical beauty; a smorgasbord of audio delights. While the undergrowth of music has more then surpassed expectation in terms of quality and innovation, the 23 tracks provided on this compilation should inspire and reflect upon Igloo Magazine’s vision of presenting sound in both literal and audible formations.