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Variations in White Part 2, 2009

— CD-R

WHITE.LINE is pleased to announce the release of it’s first official full length CD of commissioned soundworks by internationally renowned artists. The release is staged into two parts in special packaging with unique artworks by New York based minimalist artist, Emilee Lord. The second edition, released in October, will include an individually hand-made art work by Emilee, adding to the uniqueness and collectability of this series.

The theme for this series is based on the colour of white. White and whiteness are almost always associated with purity, clarity, serenity, blankness, emptiness. The colour of white reflects and absorbs light and colour, itself being comprised of many other colours. Anyone who has experienced a painting by the classic artist, Whistler, will know that his depictions of snow contain many hues and variations in colour, not simply white. A wall painted white will always reflect the colours of the day, sunlight, clouds, lighting etc, and is rarely, if ever experienced as a pure white surface.

In 2006, the name, WHITE.LINE was inspired by an accumulation of ideas, and it was agreed that WHITE, and LINE, were perhaps two of the most fundamental visual statements of minimalism – simplicity and purity. Across the span of these recordings, the artists were invited to interpret the colour white in audible form, and in any combination of sound pieces totalling 8-10 minutes.