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Unfinished, 2016

— Live Video

Rebecca Bruno, Yann Novak and Sam Widaman bring their divergent practices together in Unfinished. This dance performance, video and sound installation celebrates the proximity of art to life in connection with the exhibition Duchamp to Pop while questioning completeness in art; what constitutes a finished performance? Bruno, Novak and Widaman have developed this performance in reflection of the only female artist represented in the Museum’s exhibition, Vija Celmins, as well as the Charles Atlas film of the Merce Cunningham dance Walkaround Time, 1973, which takes into account some of Duchamp’s concerns with transparency, motion, the role of the spectator and the way in which the eye sees.


Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA, July 30, 2016


Choreography & Movement: Rebecca Bruno
Composer: Sam Widaman
Video: Yann Novak
Costume Design: Lynn Ellen Bathke

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