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WAIL, 2015

— Score

‘The Happening operates by creating an asymmetrical network of surprises, without climax or Consummation; this is the alogic of dreams rather than the logic of most art. Dreams have no sense of time; neither do the Happenings. Lacking a plot and continuous rational discourse, they have no past. As the name itself suggests, Happenings are always in the present tense. The same words, if there are any, are said over and over; speech is reduced to a stutter. The same actions, too, are frequently repeated throughout a single Happening – a kind of gestural stutter – or done in slow motion, to convey a sense of the arrest of time… One way in which the Happening state their freedom from time is in their deliberate impermanence.’
– Susan Sontag, Happenings: an Art of Radical Juxtaposition (1962)


CHIME Live!, Live Arts Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, June 13, 2015


Choreographer: Rebecca Bruno
Composer: Yann Novak
Costume Designer: Emily Batson
Director of Photography: Drew Denny
Video Artist: MAK
Performers: Rebecca Bruno, Lindsey Lollie, Sammy Loren, Samantha Mohr, and Jil Stein

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