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Dragon’s Eye Recordings
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Dragon’s Eye Recordings is an imprint based in Los Angeles and curated by sound and visual artist Yann Novak.  Since 2005, Dragon’s Eye has published over 70 works in the fields of sound art and experimental music with a focus on electronic, electroacoustic, field recording, drone and acousmatic music.  As an imprint, Dragon’s Eye intends to foster personal and artistic relationships with its artists as well as its audience, and to function as a meeting ground for like minded individuals.  Novak’s curation is done primarily through real world relationships, with some virtual exceptions. By focusing on human interactions and connections, the Dragon’s Eye catalogue has slowly become a melting pot of sounds, processes and practices.

Dragon’s Eye Recordings was originally founded by Paul Novak, (Yann Novak’s father), in 1989 as the audio/visual arm of Only Connect…Publications. Paul was and still is a bread baker and avid record collector. Only Connect…Publications was his first venture to self-publish his bread recipes. Through his new publishing company, Paul designed his book on a Apple Plus computer, commissioned a friend and artist to create the painting for the cover, and recruited a musician to compose an original work to accompany bread making. Due to his love and passion for both music and record collecting, Paul created Dragon’s Eye Recordings to complement his publishing company.