— Online Exhibition

Dimensions Variable launches Offset.Aura, a project by Yann Novak. As part of our new digital initiative, we want to focus on artwork that conceptually engages with the internet, social media, and digital space. These tools have changed society as we know it, we want to encourage and support experimentation in this space as a serious place for contemporary art experiences.

Offset.Aura is a web-based artwork that continues Yann Novak’s investigation into sound and light’s capacity to focus our awareness. In all his works, Novak prioritizes the felt presence of direct experience.

Taking the form of a website and set of videos, Offset.Aura explores the visual and perceptual phenomenon produced through the combination of complementary colors. The work compels observation through its slow shift in colors, simultaneously allowing the phenomenon to unfold. The illusions produced by the different color pairings oscillates between harmonious and conflicting. The accompanying synthesized sound bridges these binaries, setting a tone for the experience.