Composite Fields, 2016

— Audiovisual Installation

Composite Fields is an audiovisual installation by Yann Novak and taisha paggett created with the documentation from the three performances of A Composite Field.  The piece further explores their use of sensory materials as objects to be manipulated, re-framed and re-contextualized.

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A Composite Field, 2012

— Audiovisual Performance

In A Composite Field, Yann Novak and Taisha Paggett create a site-specific performance based on the MAK Center’s Mackey Garage Top. Incorporating sound, movement and projected light in three intimate performances over the course of one evening, their collaboration takes up sensory materials as objects to be manipulated, re-framed and re-contextualized. Novak utilizes sound recordings from the Mackey Garage Top as a point of departure. These recordings are then digitally altered to emphasize the unique characteristics of the space itself. Drawing on her ongoing interest in the cultural process of vision, seeing and being seen, Paggett constructs and performs a chain of actions inspired by the layered organic and artificial elements of both the space and the sound.

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3 Renditions, 2013

— Album

Music for Restaurants – Originally performed as part of Fallen Fruit’s ‘Let Them Eat LACMA’ at LACMA (Los Angeles CA), November 7, 2010. Curated by Fallen Fruit.

A Composite Field – Originally performed as part of ‘A Composite Field’, a collaboration with Taisha Paggett at the MAK Center’s Mackey Garage Top (Los Angeles CA), January 20, 2012. Curated by Dino Dinco.

Still Life – Originally performed as part of ‘Private Time: 4 Episodes’ as a collaboration with video artist Linda Konone at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (Los Angeles CA), November 7, 2012. Curated by Zane Datava.

Track Listing

  1. Music for Restaurants
  2. A Composite Field
  3. Still Life

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  • Back in 2010, for much of the year, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art ran an exhibit titled Let Them Eat LACMA, curated by Fallen Fruit. Food served as a means to sift through the museum’s massive collection, and LACMA engaged artists to produce new work. Among them was Yann Novak, who on the final day of the exhibit, November 7, was among 50 artists who descended on LACMA for a festival. Novak’s piece, a 20-minute music performance, was done in coordination with Robert Crouch and Sublamp. Under the rubric of Music for Restaurants, he played a lush background tone, like a bell ringing in slow motion.
    – Disquiet