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Yann Novak

Menu Project

Fade Dis/Appearances

, 2005
— Score

Fade is a lush and layered exploration of the moment vision falters: a tumble forward through time, a ravishing ode to liminality, when things are not what they were, but not yet what they are becoming. Featuring a talented cast of young collaborators and the powerful vision of CSDG, Fade is a vibrant mix of movement, color, light and sound – from a company whose work was touted as “ineffably bracing and smart” by Seattle’s alternative weekly, The Stranger.

Framed by a stunning visual environment, the dancers begin on a stage covered in black visquine, lonely survivors on a dark and crackling sea. As the black floor recedes, it reinvents the stage-scape, revealing a sharp and elegant white square — a boxing ring, an arena, a blank canvas — which is mirrored by a luminescent vertical backdrop. This simple and breathtaking transformation sets in motion a chain of shifting events. Heroes are made, tragedies survived and intimate secrets play out as the dancers constantly test the limits of their changing circumstances, embracing big, off-balance movement, muscled, passionate partnering, and delicate time-altering solo work.

Through a brutal game of Marco Polo, a highly flirtatious meditation on social dancing, and a thoroughly blind solo, “childlike games are subverted by a strictly adult sort of play.” (Brangien Davis, Seattle Times) The final image, a red neon OPEN sign interrupts the show, deleting the stage image, on, off, no fade, the end, and underscores the refreshing lack of sentimentality in this work. Performed by a troupe with a wide range of character and relationship to gender, FADE is intelligent, sexy and uncompromisingly modern in its vision — an alchemy of the collaborative forms in which dancing is central, even as it pushes at the defining edges of performance and visual art.


Choreographer/Director: Crispin Spaeth
Scene Designer: Etta Lilienthal
Composer: Yann Novak
Light Designer: Jon Harmon
Production Manager: Jon Harmon
Costume Design: Rigmor Vohra & Kristina Olsen
Performers: Heather Budd, Yuki Enomoto, Kathy Lawson, Chay Norton, & Julia Skloot

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Fade Dis/Appearances

, 2005
— Album

Fade Dis/Appearances is an exploration in finding one’s way, in persisting when vision is clouded, in examining the space between light and dark. This score was originally commissioned by the Crispin Spaeth Dance Group and complemented a multimedia performance entitled “Fade” by the dance group, Etta Lilienthal, and Jon Harmon in March of 2005 at Consolidated Works, Seattle.