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Yann Novak

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, 2009
— Exhibition Catalog

In Relocation, Yann Novak explores the multitude of emotional states experienced during and after the relocation of one’s life. Utilizing his unique technique of transforming a simple environmental recording into something emotional and visceral, Novak creates three installations, each using a different step of the moving process as a point of departure. In all three works, Novak alters the timbre of the recordings but not the length. By doing so he let the subtly changing character of the original recordings dictate how the pieces will unfold. The pieces are spared formal compositional interjection from the artist and allowed to exist in the limbo between documentation and composition.

Relocation.Catalog contains the essay “Striation, Erosion, Deformation, Recollection: The Erased Field Recordings of Yann Novak” by Christopher DeLaurenti which takes a look into the work and process of Yann Novak and draws some interesting comparisons. Included with the catalog is Relocation.Edits, a CD containing abridged versions of the sound works associated with each of the installations in the Relocation exhibition. The catalog also includes preparation and installation photos of Novak’s previous works.