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Yann Novak

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, 2019
— Monograph

American interdisciplinary artist and composer Yann Novak returns to 901 Editions with his 4th edition for the label following Blue.Hour (2013), Undefined (with Richard Chartier, 2013), and Liminality (with Fabio Perletta, 2014). His new venture takes the form of a book and CD documenting the history of his series of works Stillness (2010–2017) through essays, photographs, and an audio CD.

Stillness takes its inspiration from the two climates Novak has inhabited: Subtropical in Los Angeles and Oceanic in Seattle. In these works he investigates these climates’ almost static meteorological states and their emotional effect on their inhabitants. Constructed from numerous photographs of the horizon and shortwave radio signal tuned to static in each location, the source material is intended to captures a literal portrait of these climates. These elements are then digitally altered to create an ambiguous abstraction, leaving enough of the source to guide the experience and define the location, but abstract enough to create an immersive environment perfect for contemplation and personal reflection.

The book includes essays by Independent Curator Suzy Halajian and Director of Audience Engagement at The Broad Ed Patuto. In her essay Unbound Time, Halajian explores how these works ask us to question what can an understanding of time look like when it is not measurable, containable, or even expressible? In Patuto’s essay Stillness at The Broad, he expands on why Stillness was chosen as the first artwork to be exhibited in the renowned Los Angeles museum’s massive third floor gallery. To compliment the essays the book includes photographs documenting three iterations of the work, first in London and then twice in Los Angeles. The Audio CD rounds out the edition with abridged versions of the sound elements from Stillness.Subtropical and Stillness.Oceanic, mastered for home listening by Lawrence English.