Ritual Variations, 2022

— Compilation

Text from Robert Takahashi Crouch:
My last album opens with a piece called A Ritual. I think of this piece as a somewhat aggressive, long-form meditation on intimacy and ecstasy. There’s a reason I think about it like this. 

The 19 minutes that comprise the track were taken from a much longer recording; a 2 hour improvisation I performed privately for my partner, Yann Novak. Performance is always a personal experience, even when offered communally, but this particular performance was very much about a shared moment, in an environment that foregrounded the personal. The low, undulating frequencies in the piece underscore a sense of the physical for me. I’d like to think it’s a work that dwells on upon the vibrational qualities of sound, and offers a respite within its mesh of rich harmonics, pushing a listener towards the ecstatic. 

For Ritual Variations, I reached out to friends and artists whose work I respect and admire for various reasons. I gave these seven artists, including my partner, access to the original 2 hour recording and invited them to create new compositions using it as source material. It was a chance for them to also consider the private, intimate nature of the recording itself.

Track Listing

  1. Robert Takahashi Crouch – A Ritual (Byron Westbrook Remix)
  2. Christina Giannone – Ritual Remix
  3. Faith Coloccia – Voice Vl Compression Ratio
  4. France Jobin – A Ritual / For a Daydream view
  5. Lawrence English – Body Ritual
  6. Marcus Fischer – Mirror Ritual
  7. Robert Takahashi Crouch – An Emotional Rescue
  8. Robert Takahashi Crouch – A Ritual (Yann Novak’s 2C-D + Methylone Mix)


Photography by Joel Westendorf.
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