Giving Water to the Dead, 2022

— Split Album

The four tracks that comprise Giving Water to the Dead were composed using sound materials originally recorded for the sound installation Histories of the Present, a public artwork commissioned by the City of Berkeley in 2019. But where the installation was about a melding of practices and sounds into a single gesture, Crouch and Novak wanted to take the opportunity of a split release to exploring divergent paths starting from common ground. For Giving Water to the Dead, each artist started with the same source material and plotted their own direction without direct influence from the other.  As artists in a relationship and sharing a studio this was no easy feat. Despite the planned divergence the resulting tracks compliment each other, as the artists do.

Track Listing

A1. Robert Takahashi Crouch – A Determination of Salt Water Drowning
A2. Robert Takahashi Crouch – Like A Shipwreck We Die Going Into Ourselves
B1. Yann Novak – Our Bodies Stirred These Waters Briefly Pt. 1
B2. Yann Novak – Our Bodies Stirred These Waters Briefly Pt. 2


Drawing by Dorian Wood.
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space.