In Residence, 2008

— Album

In Residence is an ongoing work in-progress exploring the relationship between sound, narrative, and location. It is a series of experiments in various forms: audiovisual performance, installation, and CD/DVD publication constructed from photographs and recordings, collected during three artist residencies in fall of 2007. Through digital manipulation, the source materials are transformed; a translation of experience, from the literal to the romantic.

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is proud to announce the release of In Residence by Yann Novak. In Residence is the final product of three artist residencies Novak attended in the fall of 2007. From each residency a composition was born, compiled here based on their thematic similarities. On In Residence, Novak explores the feelings of isolation some artists experience while working in solitary conditions for long stretches of time. Novak utilized this time to push his process to the limit by abstracting his source materials beyond recognition. The result is a lonely sound world with distant sounds passing by, while the entire piece quivers with anticipation.

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Special thanks to The Espy Foundation, Environmental Aesthetics & Kasini House.
Mastered by Kamran Sadeghi.
Photo by Steven Miller.