Paradise & Winchester, 2012

— Album

Paradise & Winchester was created in late 2011 for the Belgian imprint Unfathomless who’s credo is to commission works that ‘illustrate artists‘ personal fascination for specific locations, either natural, human built, or fictitious’.

In response to this, Novak chose a location that he had never been to, yet knew he would have a strong reaction to, Las Vegas, NV.  The piece focuses on ‘The Las Vegas Strip’, a portion of Las Vegas Boulevard outside the city limits spanning two unincorporated townships: Paradise and Winchester.

Paradise & Winchester was created from ten recordings, made over three days, each one an attempt to find relatively quiet moments in an outdoor location. These quiet moments were then digitally altered to reflect a more personal reaction to the location. The final form of the piece is an ever changing hybrid state, move from one location to the next and a constant mix of nearly raw material with altered material.

Track Listing

  1. Paradise & Winchester


Original photos by Robert Crouch.
Design by Daniel Crokaert.