Dark, Perplexing, Ruptures of Plane, 2021

— Video

“Dark, Perplexing, Ruptures of Plane” from Yann Novak’s album Lifeblood of Light and Rapture on Room40.

From the video premiere on Foxy Digitalis:

Yann Novak’s work exists in an ephemeral place where meaning hangs at arms’ length, quietly listening but leaving room for interpretation. For his latest album on Room 40, Lifeblood of Life and Rapture, he opens a vein and let’s the world helplessly revolve. Through gentle rolling synthesis, shards of light pierce the haze to offer an escape route. “Dark, Perplexing, Raptures of Plane” is soothing and cathartic while also roiling with a dark undercurrent. Glowing aural ribbons weave shapes in the waves of sound, hypnotic distractions trying to pull the listener from the path forward. 

Novak’s sound design is always so rich and teeming with intricate details that not only keep you engaged, but intoxicated by the deep sonic flows. It is tangible music full of life that dares to hope for a brighter day ahead even if all evidence points to the contrary. The world may continue its endless burn, but there is still psychic safety inside the walls of “Dark, Perplexing, Raptures of Plane.”
— Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis


Sound & Video: Yann Novak