Dark Room, 2006

— Score
Western Bridge, photo: Benjamin Kirby
Western Bridge, photo: Benjamin Kirby
Western Bridge, photo: Benjamin Kirby

Performed in a lightless room for a small audience equipped with night vision apparatus, Dark Room turns military technology into an intimate tool, revealing a world completely unavailable to the naked eye. Flanked by audience, five dancers navigate a tight, pitch-black arena through touch and sound, moving with passionate, risk-filled innocence and uncanny skill.

The night vision apparatus puts the power in the hands of the audience – allowing a partially anonymous freedom while demanding active authorship on the part of the viewer. The dancers usher us beyond military, surveillance, and amateur porn applications of night vision technology. Stripped of the normal trappings of theater, the dance is absolutely central, an up-close world of trust, fear, sex, and compulsive, blind pursuit of human connection.

Dark Room is “lit” by a low-profile infrared system, and is accompanied by a dark, space-shifting electronic music score.


Choreographer: Crispin Spaeth
Composer: Yann Novak
Production Director: Jon Harmon
Costume Designer: Etta Lilienthal
Performers: Heather Budd, Drew Elliott, Kathy Lawson, Chay Norton, & Jules Skloot