Our Bodies Stirred These Waters Briefly Pt. 1, 2022

— Video

“Our Bodies Stirred These Waters Briefly Pt. 1” is from Robert Takahashi Crouch and Yann Novak’s cassette “Giving Water to the Dead” on The Tapeworm.

Video footage from “Always Together with You,” a site-specific installation at Museum of Museums in Seattle Washington.

From the video premiere on Foxy Digitalis:

Kudos to The Tapeworm for pairing LA power couple Yann Novak and Robert Takahashi Crouch on this new split tape, Giving Water to the Dead. Novak and Crouch create some of the most engaging, emotionally-dense music around. They started with the same source material for this split but went on their own sonic treks. Each side is its own statement, but they work together as a cohesive, complementary whole, digging through similar maritime terrain with unique perspectives.

In the Steven Miller-directed video for Novak’s “Our Bodies Stirred These Waters Briefly Pt. 1,” fluid movement and underwater spectacle heighten the expansive nature of the sounds. Drones rise and fall bathed in soft distortion, accentuated by crystalline arrows. Novak pushes the wave forward, pressing through the imposing geometry cast by the reflective imagery of the video. Bass tones glow white-hot, drawing furtive glances from above the surface where light has already begun to fade.
— Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis


Video: Steven Miller
Sound: Yann Novak