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Yann Novak

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Procession Relic

, 2018
— Score

Rebecca Bruno’s Procession Relic has been developed in collaboration with artist and composer Yann Novak and gathers a stellar ensemble of dancers—including Alison D’Amato and Flora Wiegmann—who engage attention as a primary choreographic instrument within an undulating atmosphere of sound and light.

The work relates regenerative agricultural methods that support carbon sequestration, a natural capacity of Earth’s soil, to choreographic practice. Our soil actively absorbs, holds and releases carbon—in effect, it breaths. Using choreographic methods that center on the dancer’s similar capacities, Procession Relic utilizes a series of subtle constraints to draw attention to the body, the environment it inhabits, and the ways that each are perceived.


Choreographer: Rebecca Bruno
Composer: Yann Novak
Video: Yann Novak
Performers: Rebecca Bruno, Alison D’Amato, and Flora Wiegmann