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Yann Novak

Menu Work


, 2012
— Audiovisual Installation

Scale is a collaborative site-specific project that explores the most fundamental elements of both visual and musical composition by using very elemental visual and audio elements of the architecture of the CMP as building blocks.  Novak and Crouch blended the methodical experimentation of Josef Albers’ color studies and organization of Ansel Adam’s zone system, and chose a series of incrementally stepped color pallets based off photos of the CMP and it’s surroundings.   Assigned to each color is a single waveform and harmonic complement based from audio recordings of the background room tones recorded when the building is a “silent” gallery of photographs. As the color sequence progresses, the sound elements change in both pitch and timbre, creating an audio composition that simultaneously determines the sequence of colors.

Part of the California Museum of Photography permanent collection.