Super Coherent Light, 2023

— Video

“Super Coherent Light” is from Yann Novak’s album The Voice of Theseus on Room40.

From the video premiere on Foxy Digitalis:

Openings run through the synthetic gloss of Yann Novak’s beguiling, shape-shifting “Super Coherent Light.” Carried deeper by a heartbeat-like rhythm and layered tonal maps, our reality is altered; our perception breaks free of its crutch. Novak takes us to church service from a neon future where our individual experiences become a way to share our world with others to bolster burgeoning connections with different reflections. Taking vocal performances from Dorian Wood and G. Brenner and manipulating them into new, engaging forms, our awareness blooms into colors and sounds we couldn’t previously imagine. “Super Coherent Light” envelops and uplifts us beyond the visible spectrum and into something new. 
— Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis.


Sound & Video: Yann Novak.
Vocal sample by Gabriel Brenner.