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Yann Novak

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Untitled (remodel)

, 2012
— Site-Specific Performance

Untitled (remodel) is a reinterpretation of Carl Stone’s untitled performance at the Vanguard Gallery (October 14, 1980) by Yann Novak and Simon Whetham.

Daytime sounds on Rinconia Drive
Nighttime sounds on Rinconia Drive
Traffic sounds on Broadway and 2nd Street
Audience sounds at the Vanguard Gallery
Room Resonances
were mixed and processed
in frequency, in time, and in space.
-Carl Stone, October 14, 1980

For their reinterpretation Novak retraced Stone’s original sound recordings by making similar recordings during the daytime and evening on Rinconia Drive and traffic sounds on Broadway and 2nd Street. These recordings were then digitally altered and incorporated into the performance.

Whetham used radio transmissions to explore the room resonances and vocalization aspects of Stone’s performance. He recorded both shortwave and fm signals in various locations in the room to exploit the various reflections and qualities of the space.

Whetham also incorporated the radio itself in the performance, tuning to random frequencies and moving throughout the space to add an unpredictability to the performance that both artists were forced to respond to.

Untitled (remodel) was performed in Storefront Plaza by Nate Page. A unique intervention to Machine Project that relocates the storefront 20ft into the gallery space and transforms it into an indoor/outdoor alcove.


This project was presented as part of the Spirit Resurrection festival, commissioned by LACE as part of Los Angeles goes live.